Sobre nuestros Profesores

Hello people!

My name is Zianny Medina, but everybody calls me Zia, so could you do! Let me tell you, I completed my degree in English Teaching Education at the National University of Costa Rica [Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica] in Heredia. This experience has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse population.

What I love the most from teaching is the diversity of cultures we can find in each classroom. It also inspires me to find the skills to approach those cultures to create the greatest English learning experience.

I believe we never stop learning, and in one way, my philosophy in teaching is that students learn from me as much as I learn from them.

As a final thought, every person contributes as a thinker, learner, and helper inside and outside the learning process.

Zianny Medina English Teacher

Hello, I’m Diego Navarro Meza.

I studied English Teaching at the University of Costa Rica. I have worked as a teacher since 2014. My profession has given me the chance to work with children, teenagers, and adults. Being a teacher, I have faced many different experiences with students; the one that I love the most is to see my students using the language in a great way.

Every person has different velocities, so people must understand that learning English as a second language is a process that improves little by little depending on the students’ skills, time, and effort. To finish, I will be more than glad to help students to get their goals and to see them improving their English skills.

My main goal is to give students the necessary tools to learn English in a very comfortable and professional environment. 

See you soon!

Diego MezaEnglish Teacher


My name is Jildou Morsink but everyone here in Costa Rica calls me Jill and of course you can call me so as well. I speak three languages: English, Spanish and Dutch, because I am from the Netherlands.

The first time I came to Costa Rica was in 2014 and since then I decided to stay and help everyone I can to learn English!

Besides teaching, I love going to the many beaches Costa Rica has to offer and enjoy as much of the nature as I can with a typical ‘pinto’ dish and a coconut by my side.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Jildou MorsinkEnglish Teacher

Hey there! I’m Kali.

My passion for both learning and teaching was awakened in New York while studying to become a certified English teacher with University of the Nations.

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that English will bring new opportunities into the lives of those I teach. Anyone, anywhere, and at any age can learn a new language. I find joy in helping students discover their learning style, find their creativity, and realize they are capable of learning!

Kali TigchelaarEnglish Teacher


My name is Meagan Prazeres.

I have a degree in Hospitality Business Management from the University of Central Florida, and a TESOL certification from the International TEFL Academy in Barva, Heredia. I have been working in Costa Rica teaching English for over a year now, both online and in person to children and adults.

My business background allows me to make personalized professional learning plans for my students. I believe that every student learns differently so I cater to each student’s specific learning needs.

I love teaching English and helping students achieve their personal and professional goals. I am very energetic, and I love making the classroom a fun and exciting place to learn. I know that it can be difficult to learn a new language, especially while balancing life’s other responsibilities. So my main objective is to give students the right foundation and resources to be successful in learning English.

Hope to see you soon!

Meagan PrazeresEnglish Teacher

Clases de Inglés para  Chicos

Jill con estudiantes corporativos

Diego con estudiantes corporativos

Majo con estudiantes en línea